How to watch the Champions League online?

This page is about the Premier League in the UK, but since many of the people coming to this page actually look for information on how to watch their favorite Premier League time not only as they play in the Premier League, but also in the FA Cup and in the Champions League, we thought it was about time to post an article telling how you can watch the Champions League online.

If you want some background information we recommend that you read our article on how to watch the Premier League online first, as the principles are the same, but there are some changes as there are different TV channels carrying the broadcasting rights to the Champions League matches and to the Premier League matches.

Champions League online

Watch the Champions League online

So you want to watch the Champions League online. Before continuing you better notice a few things which are important to know.

  1. There is not one TV channel that will solve all your problems, so you better be ready for doing some research to find out on what channel your favorite team will play.
  2. The streams we refer to here are free to watch, all you need for them to work is an IP address in the nation of the channel.

There are some TV channels broadcasting both nights during the Champions League evenings (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), while some TV channels only broadcast one of those nights.

Some ways to watch the Champions League online

To get this working you will need an active VPN subscription and we recommend using PureVPN for this purpose. Click the button beneath and download their VPN client, and once you have this you are ready to go and you will be able to watch Champions League at the mentioned TV channels. Visit PureVPN websiteand get ready to watch Premier League

Now that you have your PureVPN subscription and application, this is what you can do.

  • Watch Champions League for free on ITV in the UK. For this to work you need a UK IP address which you will get as you connect to a UK server with PureVPN. ITV broadcast matches on Tuesdays, and if an English team is involved they will always broadcast that match. In addition to ITV BT Sport also broadcast, but they require you to have a subscription.
  • You can also watch Champions League for free with ZDF in Germany on the Wednesday evenings, and on ORF in Austria. Connect to a server in either Germany or Austria to watch Champions League online on either of these channels.
  • YLE in Finland also broadcast from the Champions League on evening every Champions League week. Connect to a server in Finland with PureVPN and visit to watch the match.
  • CT (Ceska Television) in the Czech Republic broadcast one match every Champions League week. Connect to a Czech server to get a local IP address and to watch the live stream from the match.
  • In Hungary M4 will broadcast matches from the Champions League. This is a state channel which you can watch for free with a Hungarian IP address which you can also get with PureVPN. Watch the live streams at
  • In Australia SBS will broadcast for free from the Champions League online. You will only need an Australian IP address for this to work, and that is something you can get from PureVPN as well.
  • On RTVS in Slovakia you can also watch a match for free every Champions League week, all you need is a Slovakian IP address.
  • You can watch the Champions Leauge online on Fox Soccer 2 Go. They are not a free channel so you need a subscription to watch it on this US Sports Channel. More about watching Fox Soccer 2 Go abroad here.

As you understand there are several options and ways in which you can watch the Champions League matches online, so you might need to look around to find out which channel will broadcast the matches you are interested in. We will try to update this article later with more exact information about which channels will broadcast when, and if needed maybe also information about which matches can be seen on the different channels.

How to guide

If you do not understand actually how this works, this is what you need to do for this to work, so that you can watch the Champions League online, step by step. Visit PureVPN websiteand get ready to watch Premier League

  1. Start visiting the PureVPN website and sign up to their services.
  2. Download their VPN client to your computer.
  3. Find out what TV channel in what nation you want to watch. For the sake of the example let us know pick M4 in Hungary.
  4. Connect to a PureVPN server in Hungary and once connected restart your browser.
  5. Visit and open the M4 live stream.
  6. You are now watching the Champions League match live on M4 in Hungary.
  7. To change and watch another channel, let us say ORF in Austria connect to a PureVPN server in Austria, restart your browser and visit

Enjoy watching the Champions League, and if you have questions or comments, just write!


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